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Explicit Brazil Slang. :iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 1
Doc :iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 0
Some ideas....
   Hello, again. I have some new info on my 'host' Red. She was supposed to have a twin.... But the twin was said to have died early on... Now I have studied birth defects and such, and I have cam across chimerism. This is when one of the twins shares its chromosomes with the other and usually happens when one dies. The idea is that Red is not like everyother redhead. This may be from having two sets of genes. Think about this.
Another idea is that... how do I say this... the split personalities are from actually being 'conjoined'... as in one person, two different identities because of this weird situation. This could be far fetched... but.... It's an idea that is probably one in 1 billion... I dunno... I know I promised no more of this twin obsession, but c'mon. This is an idea that just ran through my brain. ]
The best idea is the fact that she stole the soul of her twin, being her first freckle! LOL!
Tell me what you think
:iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 1 0
Please help me explain..
I heard that Josef, Rudy, and Doc are all trying to refute my pleas. It's Jose... And I need Doc to understand that I am pretecting him from the other children and teens... Is there a way you can help me explain that to him? I don't want him being the 2017 'Lenny'.... You know what I mean, hopefully.
:iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 0
I need help...
Hey! It's Rudy! I am Doc's 'brother'. I want you to help me keep him out of the wraps. Can you please help me with that?
:iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 0
Don't tell Jose
    Hello. It's Josef... If anyone has heard from Doc, tell him his Uncle will help him.... Him and Jose just had a bit of a discussion about why he is being kept safe. Some children in this generation will not understand. He is a personality of Jose, just as much as I am and Rudy is. He doesn't understand that he is a 10 year old in an adult's body. He can't go to school.. And he won't understand the stuff in 12th grade. It's bad enough that I am the 34 year old and Jose is 18... But, Jose doesn't know that. He thinks that he is 34, too.... I am the secret keeper. Don't tell Jose any of this...
:iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 1 0
Please.... I want a chance
Hi! I'm Doc... I'm not really allowed to be out, but, as long as my 'dad' doen't know, I'm fine....
I'm concidered annoying and truobled... And bad tempered.... He says I got it from my grandmother, Wilburga.... But, beyond the point.... I'm a good child. My family concists of Josef and Rudy, so I am the good boy... Jose tries to keep me away from my 'older brother' Rudy and 'uncle' Josef so I don't become like them... Jose understands that I like the fresh air, but he doesn't want the bad influencing me in this generation. He is teaching me old style.
Can someone talk Jose into letting me learn this new generation... Or explain to me the bad influences in this world? Please...
:iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 1 0
Some facts about my personalities
Jose and Josef are both present at all times. Josef usually comes out when Jose gets angry, though. Doc hides in the back with Rudy since they are forbidden from coming out, but still somehow make it out.
You can tell each by their eyes and the way on how they act...
Jose: Brownish green eyes. Very clumsy... Is childish at times, but can act adultish, too.
Josef: Bright green eyes. Extremely insane. When angry, he laughs....
Doc: Blue eyes. Is all child. Has a very scary side... But Rudy protects that from coming out
Rudy: One blue one green. Is evil, but never as clever. He has a teen like idealism...
They speek differently, too
Jose: Speaks normally. Soetimes a Portuguese accent comes out. Usually has what Joey calls a Gay Guy Voice.... Ei: Que e isso?
Josef: Has a more proper speach pattern. Very masculine Ei: Good day my fine fellow
Doc: Speaks like a 4th grader. He is 10 yoa anyway. Ei: Can we pwease!
Rudy: German accent.. Grizzly accent Ei Zat can't happen!
They do their hair dif
:iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 2 0
Meet the personalities
  "You are sure that you have the whole split personality thing covered, right? We don't need 'Rudy' running around destroying everything in sight...," Hoess smiled at Jose while they walked down the hospital's halls. "Yeah, sure... I mean, how hard can it be?" Jose asked, a gleam in his eyes. The two friends walked in step to the room. 'He knows I've been here for a while, right?,'  a voice questioned in Jose's head. 'Shhhh. You can't come out,' Jose answered back. "Whachya thinkin?" Hoess asked. Jose quickly looked at him. "Nothing," He shrugged. They reached the room that they were heading to.
  "Now, you know what to do, right?" Hoess asked when he opened the door. "They patient has some issues, but none I can't handle. Of course I know what I'm doing," Jose smiled. Hoess nodded and walked off, closing the door behinf him. Jose looked at the clip board hanging on the edge of the bed. "Well well, Mr. Trivoschi, you seem to be in pretty bad shape, hm?" He giggled, whic
:iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 0
A Modest Proposal
A Modest Proposal about those pesky students that ruin the school’s good reputation and distract others from learning and teachers from teaching.
       Schools all over the country have been getting worse and worse, especially in grades and carelessness. The students in these schools are becoming nuisances with their talking back and socialization instead of doing work. They distract those who want to learn, and make it harder for teachers to teach. These children have to start learning!
       First of all, these students should be forced to go school, even if sick. Letting them stay home gives them a feeling that they don't have to go. That is the biggest problem, these problem students don't think they have to be there, and if they are there, they think that it’s a hang out, not a place of study. I am sure that if they are forced, they will believe there is no longer a choice.
       Afterwards, if these studen
:iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 0
Who is your fav composer :iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 0 Anjo da morte :iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 1 0 Jos Drunk?! :iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 0 Nightmares yet? :iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 0 Rudy :iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 1 0 Thank tou :iconanjodamorte123:Anjodamorte123 0 0


Nice Teeth :iconoutfoxedfox:OutfoxedFox 5 11 Merry Christmas! :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 1 0
Rip to a Hero
There are great men out there. Those who conquer, find new things, create something entirely new, and explore areas that no one ever thought was possible. From Alexander the Great to Elvis Presley, these men helped create who we are now. These heroes did things that wasn’t even thought of, and one of them died just yesterday. This was John Glenn. He died at a good age of 95. He explored the outer space around Earth, proving that Russia isn’t the only one capable of reaching the stars. His three orbits around Earth weren’t just for fun, they were three orbits to victory, pride, and hope. RIP John Glenn
:iconreddog727:RedDOG727 2 0
Bouquet Of Eyeballs :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 2 0 Jekyll and Hyde :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 1 0
Based off protest votes
Mickey Mouse
Slim Shady
Kimchi (Chowder)
Donald Duck
King of England
Natsu Dragneel
Harold Saxton
Casper the Ghost
Jesus Christ
Santa Claus
Chuck Norris
Willie Nelson
Harry Potter
Masturbator  for Peace
Candy Crowley
Jeffry Dahmer
Al Capone
Frank Zappa
Unborn Child
Adolf Hitler
Josef Mengele
Thomas Jefferson
Jesse Jackson
Any others, just write them down
:iconreddog727:RedDOG727 2 0
Mengele :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 4 0 HOLY SHIT! :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 1 2 Yep. I just went there :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 1 0 My first card... :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 2 0 Hillary or Mengele? :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 1 4 Doc's B-Day part 3 :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 2 0 Doc's B-Day part 2 :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 2 0 Doc's B-Day part 1 :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 3 0 how we actually won world war 2 :iconreddog727:RedDOG727 5 1
Please Read
You call me a Nazi, I really don't care.
You call me gay because of what I wear.
You say I walk and talk and swear,
But I am just one that likes WW2, and will look everywhere
You say that I am racist, I have black, Red, Yellow, and Brown friends.
You say that I have a closed mind, but my quest for knowledge never ends.
You say I have hate in my heart, I try to be the one who's heart tends.
But I am the one who helps people, and anyone who needs it, I'll defend.
I try to be a good kid, and you agree
That I should only be me.
Don't change, you say
But do stop what you play,
'Cause that's the only change you need to make today.
This is not meant as an F' you
But this you have to take as the truth,
This is who I am and I'm never looking back.
I am an American, maybe a bit of a Nationalist
But, I will fight for our rights if we need it.
Call me Hitler, I say Fine
Call me Goebbels, the world is mine!
Call me Himmler, yet death ain't my design
Call me Goering, let me fly.
You agree with me th
:iconreddog727:RedDOG727 1 2




Hey, it's been kinda quite lately.. Hellos would be cool. :)
I was bored, so I have another account, Anjodamorte123. This is if you have any questions, send it to that account. I will be putting some things on that one that I will not bother to put up on here. I technically gave Rudy his own account, for those who know about him...


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Josef Mengele
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I have nothing to exactly say without telling you things you already know


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